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  I created this site for the main purpose of posting Do It Yourself DIY Type, How To, Jeep projects along with other projects the everyday person with regular shop tools can accomplish. 

I believe if we share information we all can learn A LOT from each other.  I know there are a lot of gear heads out there that can do just about anything from a picture; like me!  This site is a work in progress and will host many topics important to me!  I am open to all suggestions and welcome your comments.  Enjoy the site and drop me a mail if you would like the Do it Yourself or DIY section or would like to see anything more specific.  


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This website is great for calculating speakerbox volume.

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Weather in my town

Latest Converse, Texas, weather conditions and forecast 

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HEY EVERYONE....CHECK THIS OUT. My latest trailer was featured on the Expedition Portals featured build pages!! Check it out...My DIY UEV 440 Project


Eagle Rock
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